Why, hello there! I reckon you’re here because you came across one of my gifs. Let me guess, it’s either one of the D no Arashi series or Nino and Kenichi. *gasp* I know, I’m psychic. 

If that’s wrong then I’m just a rubbish psychic. Well actually that’s what all psychics are, aren’t they?

Anyway, feel free to rummage through the tags below and go on a reblogging spree if you want to. I won’t judge. I could see you but hey still no judging. Actually I would appreciate it so thank you!! :3

Please don’t repost my gifs in a new photo post. Be cool, alright? BUT if you intend to create an original and interesting post then that could be an exception. Just make sure to let me know so I could reblog it if I like it! :)

Also there’s no need for credit if you’re using my gifs as a reaction in a personal text post~

One last thing, I don’t make gifs that often so please take that into consideration before you click ‘follow’. It makes me sad when someone follows me only to unfollow a few weeks later because I hadn’t created new gifs. Don’t make me sad.

Alright then, have a nice day!





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